~She was walking around the 1p world bored and tired of her world. But since she didn’t know any one here she was lonely… she shrugged~ better than hanging out with Alice or Maddie… ~just then she spotted someone who looked familiar…~ Hey Russia wait up. ~she ran up to him but was surprised because he seemed… different somehow~

- He was just walking too get some fresh air after being sat bored at a desk all day when she ran into him, he turned around too see her -

Hmm? Do you want me for something?

- He looked at her and waited for her too say something -

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    ~she leaned her head in his chest~ Hmm… you have a point… ~as they swayed back and forth she hummed along with the...
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    - he put his arms around her waist and linked his fingers at the other side, when the music started he smiled and began...
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